I’d heard much chatter about this huge majestically turning ferris wheel and had walked past a dozen or so times but hadn’t ever made it inside.

It was David Marks and Julia Barfield, husband and wife who created this attraction after initially making plans for it on their kitchen table in South London in 1993. It comprises of 32 hi-tech capsules and these days carries over 15,000 passengers each day.

Luckily the attraction didn’t have the huge queues outside like I was used to seeing and If you want to also get there without the horrendous lines then I suggest you definitely go midweek. Preferably a Monday like I did.

Welcome on board.

After a quick security check I was ushered on to an approaching glass capsule which would take me high above the buildings and allow me to see all the buildings I’d often seen but top view instead. The announcement wasn’t your usual Underground one of mind the gap, but instead something along the words of enjoy your flight.

The flight itself isn’t packed with fancy looking stewardesses with packed lunches but you certainly see much more outside your windows than a trip with your local budget airline. The pod’s windows are huge and the only place which isn’t a window is the floor and ceiling so there are a great many opportunities to take photographs of all the sights.

You’ll see Buckingham Palace from a different angle and you’ll also get enough shots of the Houses of Parliament to worry the most lazy of MI5 agents.

Once your capsule reaches the top it’ll stay there for about a minute giving you enough time to have a good look around and maybe have a spy on some other pods too. It’s a slow ride around of 30 minutes so there’s always an opportunity to take a photograph of something you thought you might have missed.

Unlike the old ferris wheel there are no clunky noises to worry about and it’ll take you 135 metres above the River Thames.


Individual Flight : Adult ?13.00
Individual Flight : Child ?6.50
Individual Flight : *Senior ?10.00
Individual Flight : **Disabled guest ?10.00
Individual Flight : Under fives FREE
Fast Track : Adult ?25.00
Discovery Flight : Adult ?15.00
Discovery Flight : Child ?7.50
Champagne Flight : Adult ?29.50
Private Capsule : ?385.00

Opening times

Winter: October to May – 1000 hrs – 2000 hrs daily
Summer: June to September – 1000 hrs – 2100 hrs daily

Getting there

Tube: Westminster or Waterloo Stations
Train: Waterloo Station


  • Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand to pick up your tickets as queues can be long.
  • Book online on their website and save 10% on prices.