Everyone has one obsession, one request no matter how deeply desired by their partner that they are unable to deliver.

Sitting around the table, laughing and drinking comfortably with
friends I began quietly thinking to myself about the night before when
I was put in one such situation. Suddenly I wasn’t sitting so

Remembering just a few hours ago, it was just myself and my once
delicious man using the very same kitchen table, that my friends were
seated around, the way God intended man (and woman) to use it; having
the best sex I had had since the previous night.

The energy coming from the hard, cold table-top was incredible.

Our hot, sweaty bodies pushing together as one while our skin went into
sensory overload, and as I was about to climax, he whispered in my ear
as he always does.

Something sexy and naughty just to help me get there that inch higher,
but it wasn’t sexy and it could never have taken me higher – in fact it
had the complete opposite effect to what was desired.

Those words, those foul words that made me lose any sense of what magic
I had been feelin; that fast approaching eruption of pleasure within my
nerves instantaneously ceased, like a fighter plane without fuel.

"Can we do it from behind, can I put it in your ass?" he said, so sweetly it made me sickly.

I stopped breathing deeply, my body froze and my mind went somewhere else, back in time.

This was not the first time he had requested such filth, and I was sure
it would not be the last. The first time though, it was a lot easier to
get around, we weren’t having sex.

I had simply said that I was not in the mood – that I had shopping to do. As any sensible woman would.

Now however, slap bang in the middle of what should have been an
astonishing multiple orgasm, he selfishly asks me to oblige while he
puts it in my ass.

He sensed my reaction, how could he not. I couldn’t help thinking that
I should have just said no, when this ridiculous request was first
made. It should be obvious to him that this was never going to happen.

I started thinking as fast as I could while slowly pulling away from him, as If he wouldn’t notice.

Of course he noticed, I then pulled away all together as he looked at me wondering why, ‘why has she pulled away, she was nearly there‘.

I knew what he was thinking, I could see it in his eyes. Any girl with
half a mind or a libido would be able to see the disappointment and

What is it about anal sex that is so arousing for a man? Is it the
faeces his dick comes out covered with? Is it the resemblance to the
man on on man sex dynamic?

What is it other than the fact that it is a change? Somthing different
to the normal routines that we go through as man and woman to come to a
final, beautiful satisfying result?

This was not something that I would ever understand. Our sex life was
great as far as I was concerned; excitement, spontaneity and al ittle
bit of kink.

Was there something I was missing out on?

Why would he want this? What was wrong with just taking me as I give myself?

All this considered, I decided it was time to go shopping.

God bless stereotypes, otherwise this excuse would not stand in the
court of ‘pleasing your lover’, for I was not about to take it up the