It goes without question that the mobile phone has revolutionised the world, communication and people in general but what does that mean?

Does the mobile phone close us off? Make us lazy? Social status can be defined in one’s mobile phone, does that encourage bullying? Why can’t we live without them? Why is it that when we lose one it’s the end of the world? Why is it not liberating? Why do we always want to be found? This is the new age, the age of gadgets and the technological pissing contest that we have all unzipped for.

It’s no longer yuppie to have the flashest phone, it’s expected. But with that expectation comes an element of ease that would be nigh on impossible to live without even though it’s nice to be lost, uncontactable, free, it’s equally as nice to be loved, wanted and dare I say it, popular – human nature is an awkward thing full of contradictions but we can’t escape it and our love hate relationship with our mobile phones is testimony to that.

One week without my phone was liberating, wonderful but selfish too, just because we don’t want to be contacted doesn’t mean that others don’t want to contact us.

It’s been well documented how the mobile phone has helped us when attending appointments, helped us when those blasted leaves fall on the tracks and our trains are delayed for hours on end, to call in late. Emergency assistance is at the touch of a finger but the other aspect that is not as largely documented but more largely appreciated is how the mobile phone has helped our sex lives and in particular the invention of SMS (short messaging service) or texting.

It can’t have been easy back in the day when one felt that pang, that urge for that no strings attached screw… before mobile phones a little bit of effort was needed, courting if you will. Nowadays phone sex by text is very common and breathes new life into the ‘sore hand’ jokes as RSI can leave one a little off their game.

Texting can relieve inhibition, when you don’t have to talk to someone then there is no danger of your voice croaking or making a complete tit of yourself when asking for that ever-elusive date.

Texting, widely known as the cop out, like email, the important things should be said, but we’d prefer to write every time, only problem is that the printed word lasts a lot longer than the spoken one, copping out is not always the wisest option. Shane Warne and David Beckham two of the world’s greatest sporting icons were both caught out by the inbox, in more ways than one.

One most memorable would be after weeks of texting frustration, rain cheque, after rain cheque, the final straw was ‘1 new message’ ‘rain cheque’ my response was of course ‘no probs, maybe next time’ whilst I told my friend the truth ‘fucker, another rain cheque’ unfortunately I’d sent the message to the wrong person and my ‘rain cheque’ was cashed soon after.

Not being confined to one’s home has opened the booty call to the outdoors, public places and direct gratification, no rocking up on the doorstep to an empty house and no waiting until they get home to arrange the ‘hook’ up.

A world of opportunity has been birthed with the invention of the mobile phone, a flash one with all the bells and whistles might get you his/her number, using it might get you laid and anything that happens after that well, emergency calls are free!