Those of you familiar with Ultimae Records previous releases will be pleased to hear that there is a new release from label stalwart Cell for your delectation. ‘Hanging Masses’ continues Ultimae’s now long standing tradition of providing the listener with high quality downtempo electronica.

Once again tipping its hat to the pioneers of ambient music (Eno, Tangerine Dream et al) this is a collection of beautifully rendered tracks that encompass the realm of soundscapes interspersed with minimalist percussive elements. The by word for this album really is quality as is always the case with Ultimae releases every aspect of the product is first rate from the elaborate packaging and the beautiful accompanying artwork.

The tracks themselves weave a decidedly tranquil spell and if you are looking for a soundtrack to unwinding then there are few collections around at the moment that could serve you better. The widescreen soundscapes on offer here tend to dominate your senses. An experience that is enhanced by the pin drop clarity of the mastering which was done by Huby Seas and Vincent Villius (aka AES Dana who was one of the collaborators on the album with the track ‘Switch Off’).

All in all this is as ever a consistent and coordinated compilation of music that is aimed directly at the chill out market and if this is what you are looking for then you’ll be hard pressed to find better at the moment.