It’s Monday again, which means it is time for me to round up the latest batch of would be chart botherers who have landed on my doormat. Kicking off with the debut single from Jaya ‘DJ Do It Again’ which is out on Feb 22nd , the first British Indian to be signed to a major (really?) she already has support from the likes of N Dubz (does that mean I have to be nice or Dappy will come and give me a text based kicking?).

As a single, it offers nothing new, a fairly strong vocal retreads the usual “Ooh Mr DJ, you’re so doing it for me territory” and you get the feeling if the right people had handled the production this could have been so much better. As it is the usual fashionable farty synth basslines stride so loud through the mix the poor lass gets half buried when she needs the space to cut loose. Honestly I got the mental impression the guy on synths was playing this bassline with his forehead. Next time…a…little…subtlety…mate. Remember it’s not just about you, there’s a singer knocking about somewhere.

I’ve copped for a one track sampler from Peter Gabriel’s new album (album has just this minute arrived, expect a review soon!). However the one track I have got is ‘The Book Of Love’ originally by The Magnetic Fields. Pin drop perfection on the production front in this instance though. Lush strings interwoven with a restrained vocal from Gabriel who as always has the knack of treating his voice like some kind of slightly rough hewn instrument in it’s own right. Classy. It’s out on Feb 15th.

As a closer we have Steve Aoki’s ‘I’m In The House’ (featuring Zuper Blahq whose identity is apparently a secret…it sounds very like kids, that’s about as secretive as me hiding the fact I like pie! ) who is apparently America’s biggest superstar DJ, producer and fashion mogul. In the original mix this is a straight up and down electro house track it doesn’t quite go off though, purely on the basis that puts this a little on the lightweight side.

Thankfully The Count turns up to drop some wobble for a dubstep excursion. Highlights come from the Qemists and Redlight with their recuts. The former proving to be a skittish upper mid tempo reworking that should please the dancefloors in ways the original won’t. The latter Redlight cut is a scowling moody attention grabber of a mix which blatantly goes for the set peak moments. Very tasty. Not out till March 7th but these mixes should be showing up on a dancefloor near you soon enough though.