TIRED of listening to the same old songs on the radio and seeing the same Barbie dolls heading up the music scene? Then YLOTANA are the band for you! A unique mixture of art, literature and music, Ylotana promises a 4D experience unlike any other.

The Ylotana project brings together a blend of styles and voices – from the literary to the visually artistic to the musical – into one focused whole, in an effort to combat the bland offerings currently being served to people who crave creative diversity within the arts.

The music itself is a lush arrangement of instrumentation that will lull you into a trance while taking you to another spiritual realm that will expand your mind and consciousness.

There are currently no fewer than five separate albums/projects, each telling their own unique tale, in the Ylotana repertoire that give an idea of the movement’s wider message.

Micro MIR is the latest of the five, and begins as a literary tale that is then expanded by music, contemporary art and comic book illustrations.

As the storyline explores the adventures of a genie who loses his powers, the accompanying music gives a real sense of magic and wonder, providing a perfect backdrop for the narrative.

Renowned Russian entrepreneur Anatoly Podkopov is the mastermind behind Ylotana and passionate about every aspect of the band – largely because he left extremely successful business Optigen LTD behind to bring his lifelong artistic vision to life.

Pouring all his creative experience into the endeavour, he enlisted the aid of several well-known DJs and musicians – including percussionists and sound engineers who have worked with the likes of Oasis, Babyshambles, Basement Jaxx and Rufus Wainwright – along with writers, authors and illustrators to facilitate his goal.

Micro MIR is available digitally via iTunes and other online distribution firms, while a hard copy CD is available in an attractive digipack package via the Russian Federation.

You can sample the tunes and see the revolutionary body of work this amazing group has to offer by visiting www.ylotana.com.

Be among the first to discover the magical ride that is Ylotana and see for yourself where the future of entertainment lies.