Clubbed up readers of 020magazine get a bit of a bonus in the dance stakes this week, not only does the rather classy Wax:On get an airing but its also that time of year when we start seeing a slew of yearly round up dance compilations hitting the stands. Of course the big name in this area is always Ministry with their Annual compilations. You know what to expect with this lot, the days of super credible releases from this bunch are long gone and nowadays its all about condensing as many crowd pleasers into one handy dandy double package.

As is always the case with something of this nature you’re going to get the odd decent track popping its head over the parapet but you’re also going to find a fair amount of shit as well. There’s plenty of dodgy vocal trance that comes courtesy of bleached up women with pub singer voices going at it like its the last night of their Marbella holiday and they are trying to impress some waiter or other who will shag anything and laugh about it with his mates later.

Sorry, where was I.

Elsewhere you get slightly more respectable offerings from the likes of DeadMau5, Royksopp and even the guilty commercial pleasures that come courtesy of the Dizzee Rascal (everyones new favourite cheeky chappy). Even Calvin Harris turns up in remixed form and comes away from the experience in a positive light.

In conclusion this is patchy, but then Ministry albums usually are. If you’re one of the ringtone generation you’ll probably love it. However the more serious club heads will doubtless look down their noses at it and go looking elsewhere and understandably so.

Check the tracklisting first.