Monday brings me a little clutch of singles to review kicking off with the latest from Calvin Harris which is out on November 2nd. ‘Flashback’ is the latest cut taken from his album ‘Ready For The Weekend’ and continues Mr Harris’s predilection for big tunes, expect chunky up front rhythms, a burbling almost filtered bassline, thick set piano chords and driving synths which all make for one of those hands in the air tracks that could illicit movement from the most static of club goers. Yes, it all sounds rather promising doesn’t it. Sadly the fly in this particular ointment is Calvin’s vocal. His latest album is sadly lacking in the wry tongue in cheek humour of his debut and this cut only serves to reaffirm that. Its borderline angst with too many “Woah Oh Oh” moments (and you need to be pretty sure of yourself to pull that off otherwise you just sound like a bleary eyed drunk at the end of the night being sick in a bin). Such a shame as well because the production values here are all solid pop stuff.

Next up is Paolo Nutini who turns in what feels like his millionth single ‘Pencil Full Of Lead’ is well performed and produced but sadly has more than an air of the contrived about it. Going for an infectious rag time (almost skiffle) approach this is one of those upbeat, uptempo smiley smiley tracks that just makes me want to stab someone. Your gran would love it. Once again out November 2nd.

Closing today we have the deceptively titled French Horn Rebellion with their latest single ‘Up All Night’, with plinky plonky synth work being the latest bandwagon to be jumped up on there is seemingly no shortage of bands looking to sound like Depeche Mode, yet when you slip an American accent into proceedings (these boys are from Milwaukee) it does sound rather odd (or in the case of Lady fucking GaGa…just annoying). Its getting plenty of mainstream support but for me this is purely average, trust me when synth music falls out of fashion these boys will be the first down to cash converters to ditch their trendy gear.

Out now, but I think its shit.