T.I (who?) releases his latest single ‘Whatever You Like’ on June 1st (both physical and digital formats). Yet another tedious paean to shagging in which our narrator raps about liking his late night sex…ahem…”wet and tight”. Which is ironic cos he has a strange inflection to his delivery which makes me think the only tightness he is experiencing is some form of testicular torsion. All this set to a backing track which sounds like some fucking loser smashing his forehead against a cheap Casiotone piano which he found in a skip.

Absolutely shite. I’d sooner give myself a lobotomy with a soldering iron than listen to this again.

Next up is Luigi Masi with his single ‘Armed With Love’, The first question I asked myself was ‘is this a fucking joke?’. Listening to the track in its conventional mix poor old Luigi’s voice wanders in and out of tune like someone getting a knee trembler at the pictures. However club heads take note there is a half decent ‘hands in the air’ style dub mix courtesy of Future Freakz, it improves the track vastly by removing the bulk of the hormonally incorrect vocal. Otherwise avoid.

Its out on May 25th