This is my third review for the Ultimae label, based in France and an exponent of music in the ambient and trance based genres. The latest release comes courtesy of H.U.V.A Network and sees the label remaining true to its roots with this release. The album ‘Ephemeris’ is ten tracks of trance, for those familiar with the label’s output this should come as no surprise. As always with their releases the production values are high and the tracks on offer have an incredibly polished sheen to them.

As an album ‘Ephemeris’ takes some getting used to, despite working with accepted tools of the ‘trance trade’ e.g lush pads and solid 4/4 beats and mid tempo hats there is a somewhat darker undercurrent running through a lot of these tracks which gives them something of an edge, tracks like ‘Diagrams’ raise the mood slightly with tiny snippets of background noise which break the tension and give the tune an inquisitive feel but it does come rather late in the album. In fact some of the more grandiose moments of this collection are in the latter half ‘Something Heavens’ has a real sense of drama to it and could easily be considered the track to bring you back from whatever idyllic lull the other material might have taken you.

If you’re familiar with the genre and other output from this label then you wont be disappointed but if you’re just dipping your toe in the water then you might want to try it before you buy.