Now that I’ve given you time enough for the excesses of Christmas and New Year to settle its time for us to start thinking about food. I know bugger all about food to be honest (apart from filling my trap with it) but luckily Rick Stein is on hand with his new book ‘Coast To Coast’. Yes thanks to our handy little competition you too can put down the pizza box and get in the kitchen and potentially a) create a culinary delight b) start a small fire.

For the uninitiated Rick Stein is the chef with a passion for fresh well sourced food (no turkey twizzlers here kids). His quest for good eating has taken him from continent to continent and his new book collects 150 of his favourite recipes from all around the world, the book also incorporates some wonderful photography and some of his personal travel tales.

Now in order to win one of these wonderful books all you have to do is answer the following question…

Rick Stein is the uncle of a superstar DJ, but who is that DJ?

Answers as always to and the first correct answers out of the bag win a copy, our Judge..ment (cough) is final (c’mon I’ve just given you a clue!)