There’s no Daylight festival this weekend so as you contain your sense of loss here’s a look at a few singles to tide you over the weekend (and its sunny outside, bonus!). Starting with Martha Wainwright’s new single ‘You Cheated Me’ which is out on July 14th. Maintaing a concurrent theme of being wronged (or being the wrong person) in love she delivers a sturdy guitar led piece which sits quite comfortably in pop territory. Vocally and lyrically as wounded as ever there’s more than a touch of irony to the sweet delivery with this one, considering the subject matter. Definitely worth a listen and a suitable introduction to her sophomore album ‘I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too”. If you want to catch Martha live she’s got a date coming up on the 18th July at the Latitude festival.

Kid Rock returns with the single ‘All Summer Long’ on July 7th. A little ditty about how Kid reminisces about his teenage years as a hick in his trailer smoking ‘funny stuff’, getting laid and singing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ a lot….hmmm….surprisingly tame stuff and in all honesty, a nondescript affair. I mean if all you can do is sing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ all summer long then you really should get out more.

There’s a re release courtesy of Buena Vista Social Club as well which you should find in your local record emporium right about now. Essentially to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original band’s Carnegie Hall performance of ‘Chan Chan’ as a precursor to an upcoming double CD of the entire event in October. As a single its as ever a wealth of musicality and a laid back introduction to the band but without the context of the rest of the material to follow it just seems a little bit lost. Perhaps you might want to wait for the album.