Orson breeze back to the fore with their new album ‘Culture Vultures’, they might be a little old to be preaching the party mantra in that way they do but it has to be said they do it well. There has been little progress stylistically since their first album but I guess it’s a case of playing to your strengths with a band like this. And in fairness the songs all breeze past effortlessly. Songs like ‘Radio’ and ‘Ain’t No Party’ pick up the baton where they left it at the end of ‘Bright Idea’ and apart from the slightly tedious ‘Northern Girl’ with its Police stealing guitar strokes there is seldom a skippable moment on the CD.

All in all a commendable effort, I wait with baited breath for the album when they act their age and consider turning down going to one of their wonderful parties and have a night with a cup of cocoa and a pair of slippers.