There’s something more than vaguely modular about the Black Eyed Peas, the way the component parts seem to work together in any kind of order seems to mean that whoever winds up at the front they always deliver their slices of pop/hip hop in a manner that seems to satisfy the masses. The same seems to apply when you snap off one of the attachments and sling it out their on its own. Fergie has recently dipped her toes in solo water and while the results weren’t to everyone’s ones taste she did provide at least the odd moment of entertainment.

Erstwhile frontman for the Peas is the next off the blocks with his solo offering of “Songs About Girls” which is out on October 8th through Interscope/Polydor.

It’s a collection of no less that seventeen tracks of songs which detail his relationships (both good and bad) with the fairer sex and if anything it serves as a timely reminder as if one were needed just what his contribution to The Black Eyed Peas actually is. There are no great surprises on offer here, once again he seems to hit the mark with his light pop sensibility touch. It also marks him as one hell of a talented producer, and one thing soon becomes clear, he’s obviously enjoying himself.

There are many moments of good cheer a plenty on this album, not least being the new single ‘Got It From My Mama’ with its insistent and infectious guitar riff. If you like that then there is a boat load more of this on offer here. Production wise this has been something of a labour of love and musically there are some deft little touches (tracks like ‘Fantastic’ and the bonus ‘Mamma Mia’ are the real standouts. However in one sitting the whole album proves a little too sugary for my tastes and what goes from being an enjoyable romp through the current trend of euro synth led pop and hip hop hybridism soon becomes an exhausting trek. While I can tentatively recommend this album to those who like the lighter schooling of rap I would say that take it all in bite sized chunks, too much sugar will only make you sick.