It seems we don’t have a week pass by without one member of The Black Eyed Peas launching a collaborative or solo effort on our ears. First it was Fergie with a decidedly mixed bag of efforts (London Bridge was catchy, lets face it). This time round however it’s the turn of with his solo single ‘Got It From Mama’ released on September 24th as a prelude to his first solo long player ‘Songs About Girls’.

As a single its no great departure from The Peas formula, a highly infectious guitar loop forms the backbone of this track (courtesy of ‘Don Quichotte’ by Magazine 60) add in liberal sprinkling of old school video game spot noises and the usual fluid and postmodern daisy age vocalisations of the Will himself and you have something that undoubtedly catches the fading light of summer with its vibes. It won’t change your world but it should propagate plenty of rear end action on the dancefloor and will undeniably be one of those heavy rotation tracks on the radio and your music channel of choice before too long.