What website would be complete without World Cup 2006 listings and dates? Probably this one but we thought we’d add it anyway. Our Editor says we need to have a sport section running by the end of April 2006- unfortunately nobody knows anything about sport.

I played football at school and broke my leg doing so. I played badminton but truth be known the only people that did so were those that couldn’t play a real sport – like tennis.

(Get a move on – ED)

Okay back on to the World Cup in Germany:

World Cup 2006 will kicks-off on the 9th June 2006 at the Allianz Arena, Munich.

The Groups

Group A : Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador
Group B : England, Paraguay, Triinidad & Tobago, Sweden
Group C : Argentina, Ivory Coast, Serbia & Montenegro, Netherlands
Group D : Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal
Group E : Italy, Ghana, United States, Czech Republic
Group F : Brazil, Croatia, Australia, Japan
Group G : France, Switzerland, South Korea Togo
Group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudia Arabia

Group A

June 9 : Germany v Costa Rica (Munich)
June 9 : Poland v Ecuador (Gelsenkirchen)
June 14 : Germany v Poland (Dortmund)
June 15 : Ecuador v Costa Rica (Hamburg)
June 20 : Ecuador v Germany (Berlin)
June 20 : Hanover: Costa Rica v Poland

Verdict: Not the hardest group… I’m saying the winner of this group will be Germany followed by Poland. They’re going through.

Group B

June 10 : England vs Paraguay (Frankfurt)
June 10 : Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden (Dortmund)
June 15 : England vs Trinidad & Tobago (Nuremberg)
June 15 : Sweden vs Paraguay (Berlin)
June 20 : Sweden vs England (Cologne)
June 20 : Paraguay vs Trinidad & Tobago (Kaiserslautern)

Verdict: 7 goals by Rooney, 2 by Owen and a couple more by a few other players. England will win this group and Sweden to follow.

Group C

June 10 : Argentina vs Ivory Coast (Hamburg)
June 11 : Serbia & Montenegro vs Holland (Leipzig)
June 16 : Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro (Gelsenkirchen)
June 16 : Holland vs Ivory Coast (Stuttgart)
June 21 : Holland vs Argentina (Frankfurt)
June 21 : Ivory Coast vs Serbia & Montenegro (Munich)

Verdict: Holland take the group followed by Argentina.

Group D

June 11 : Mexico vs Iran (Nuremberg)
June 11 : Angola vs Portugal (Cologne)
June 16 : Mexico vs Angola (Hanover)
June 17 : Portugal vs Iran (Frankfurt)
June 21 : Portugal vs Mexico (Gelsenkirchen)
June 21 : Iran vs Angola (Leipzig)

Verdict: Portugal take the group and Iran beat Mexico to the post leaving a trail of tacos in their wake.

Group E

June 12 : Italy vs Ghana (Hanover)
June 12 : USA vs Czech Republic (Gelsenkirchen)
June 17 : Italy vs USA (Kaiserslautern)
June 17 : Czech Republic vs Ghana (Cologne)
June 22 : Czech Republic vs Italy (Hamburg)
June 22 : Ghana vs USA (Nuremberg)

Verdict: Too much beer doesn’t slow down the Czechs and they win and Italy trail close behind.

Group F

June 13 : Brazil vs Croatia (Berlin)
June 12 : Australia vs Japan (Kaiserslautern)
June 18 : Brazil vs Australia (Munich)
June 18 : Japan vs Croatia (Nuremberg)
June 22 : Japan vs Brazil (Dortmund)
June 22 : Croatia vs Australia (Stuttgart)

Verdict: Brazil (a no-brainer) are in top form, well, so everybody in the office keeps saying… so they definitely take the group. Followed by Australia.

Group G

June 13 : France vs Switzerland (Stuttgart)
June 13 : South Korea : Togo (Frankfurt)
June 18 : France vs South Korea (Leipzig)
June 19 : Togo vs Switzerland (Dortmund)
June 23 : Togo vs France (Cologne)
June 23 : Switzerland vs South Korea (Hanover)

Verdict: France will be back in form for the Cup and are bound to take this group followed by those Swiss watch makers.

Group H

June 14 : Spain vs Ukraine (Leipzig)
June 14 : Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia (Munich)
June 19 : Spain vs Tunisia (Stuttgart)
June 19 : Saudi Arabia vs Ukraine (Hamburg)
June 23 : Saudi Arabia vs Spain (Kaiserslautern)
June 23 : Berlin : Ukraine vs Tunisia

Verdict: Ukraine will fight off stiff competition and beat off Tunisia. It’ll be sad moments for the Spanish… but that’s what happens when you take siestas during important games.

Overall winner: I wouldn’t like to say – it the team I choose wins there could be all sorts of conspiracy websites sprouting up and I may also get done for insider trading. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.