iLike… is the monthly iPod party that turns the punter into the DJ
and creates wars inside the music industry.

For too long club nights have been ruined by one group of people intent on
getting right in your face. DJs are a thing of the last century ­ boring
geeks with heads bigger than their collection of Italo disco white label
twelves. If we could just get rid of the turntables we could have a

Well, that revolution happened in Brighton a few years ago. iLike… is what
happens when the music is turned over to the people. Tracks considered by
‘real’ DJs too old, too obscure or even too played out become floor fillers
as the music policy becomes as random as the iPod?s shuffle function,
something like the wedding reception of Meg White and Pharrell held at

Anyone can operate an iPod meaning anyone can have their 15 minutes in the
spotlight. Clubs can again be all about the music as two novices, off duty
DJs or even celebrities go back to back to battle for the glory.

With praise from everyone from DJmag to Mac Format, iLike… has jumped to 93
Feet East with the same abandon as our MP3Js dive through their playlists.


April 6th:
Ben Gilbert (Wanadoo – Editorial Kingpin) V’s Chris Nye-Browne (Yahoo)

May 4th:
jagz kooner (sabre of paradise) Vs douglas mcCarthy (nitzer ebb)

First Thursday of the Month:
iLike… @
93 Feet East
Brick Lane – Shoreditch
8pm ­ Late

iPod DJs go back to back to produce a soundtrack that sounds like Meg White
and Pharrell?s wedding reception.