Okay, so it’s not just girls who have brains, men do too. However I knew that headline would get your attention and you’d most definitely click on the link. You’re a sucker for a link and you must fall into one of two categories.

  1. You are a hot woman with brains and thought you were needed (women follow instructions much better than men).
  2. You are a man and thought you had a chance to see some scantily clad women.

Enough of the nonsense and on to what really matters.

We’re soon going to be broadcasting video podcasts and would like to hear from individuals who’d like to star as front people for these. Happy, out-going people please apply, stating your experience, if any. The nightclub video podcasts will consist of interviews with DJs and clubbers, club videos and those cheesy Trevor MacDonald type scenarios with one of our interesting looking male or female news readers.

For the cheesy Trevor MacDonald type stuff you don’t even need to be in London, you can be anywhere you like as long as you have access to a PC/Mac and a good video camera.

If you feel you fit the bill then click on the CONTACT US button to the top-left of the screen and let’s hear from you.