Speed Dating first came to my attention via an episode of Sex and
the City and I was instantly attracted to the idea, going out with the
girls and meeting a whole bunch of men in one night, who would not love
The shrieks of laughter that greeted my
suggestion of a night Speed Dating informed me that there were indeed
people who didn’t find the idea appealing. Why would I want to go Speed
Dating? Do I have any idea of the kind of men who pay to meet women?
What’s wrong with me that I need to pay in order to meet men?
friends saw Speed Dating as a desperate attempt to pull, an admission,
if you like, that I cant find a partner any other way, whereas I saw it
as an experience. To me the whole idea smacked of a good night out; all
the required ingredients were present, friends, cocktails and a lot of
I still couldn’t convince them to
change their minds about it so this article presented the perfect
opportunity to go along to an event. When my friends raised their
eyebrows incredulously at me when I told them what I was doing on
Friday night I could safely say that it was all in the name of research.
arrived at the venue towing along an unwilling participant and after a
cocktail or two we went to register. We were each assigned a number and
a scorecard with a ‘yes’ ‘no’ and ‘friends’ box whereby we rated each
date and decided whether or not we wanted to see them again.
any social situation there were a mix of people there, ranging from
groups of friends (tip: this is not advisable, what if you all fancy
the same person?) to those who were there by themselves (also
unadvisable, it marks you out as slightly desperate, not great for
The first few dates were slightly
awkward, everyone was relatively sober and vaguely on edge, they were
feeling the pressure of a blind date crammed into 3 short minutes,
definitely not a lot of space left to impress.
usual questions were asked, ‘where are you from?’, ‘what do you do?’,
but they quickly got boring, especially after the 15th time you
answered them.
After a few dates you get
pretty ruthless. Boring questions? Tick the ‘No’ box. If you only have
3 minutes to impress you need to be original. Remember that your ‘date’
is also dating 24 others so you need to make your questions memorable.
Some of the better questions I was asked were ‘ What colour would you
want to be?’, ‘How do you spend your last £100?’ and ‘Dogs or cats?’.
were all questions that led to funny, fast conversations. When the bell
rang it came too quickly and these people were ticked ‘Yes’. The boys
who got ticked ‘No’ asked me the same questions I had heard 15 times
before. These were people on the prowl, they had ‘The List’ and were
searching for someone who fit the right criteria but what they failed
to realize was that they weren’t going to find them Speed Dating.
Dating is fast and fun, it’s about instant attraction, about that
‘click’. If you can make someone laugh chances are they’ll want to see
you again but don’t make the mistake of going with serious expectations.
you leave your preconceived notions at the door you’ll find that you
have a fabulous time and meet lots of interesting people, and at the
end of the night that’s what it’s all about.