This autumn will see the release of the debut album ‘You & I’ from Cut Off Your Hands with a preceding single out on August 18th. A couple of tracks into the album sampler and I confess i was all set to lump this bunch in with the rest of the earnest straight up and down power pop kids. Yet on closer inspection, I have to confess this lot chuck a little more into the mix than some of their forebears. Yes their stuff works on a tried and tested formula of guitars/bass/drums/vocals. However in places you get the backing vocal sensibilities of The Beach Boys and in the most ragged sense a touch of 50’s style songcraft, the relationship is distant but it’s there all the same. it’s nice to see this New Zealand outfit taking the modern template and adding a bit of a twist to it. Keep an eye out for songs like ‘Oh Girl’, ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ as high points of their talent. Apparently they do a mean Buzzcocks cover as well. They’ve been touring solidly for the last few months and if you’re in London on the 11th October you can catch them at Goldsmiths.

In addition to the release of their own material the band are also offering a free download (link below). A cover of ‘The Witch’ by The Sonics. something to tide you pop hungry kids over until the release of thier album.

Fans of Keane will be pleased to know that their new single ‘Spiralling’ will be available from 11am today (4th Aug) on a free download basis. The single was recorded in Berlin and is a prelude to their third album ‘Perfect Symmetry’ which will be hitting shelves and digital stores on October 13th as a follow up to their multi platinum albums ‘Hopes And Fears’ and ‘Under The Iron Sea’.

(Photo by Steve Gullick)