I’ve heard a lot about this ‘snail gel’ (it was covered on “How to Look Good Naked”) and, being a saggy faced old bag, I REALLY wanted to try it. Yes, it is made from real snails and no, they are not hurt in the process. After being laughed at by ‘certain person’ I live with (“Ew, that’s revolting…”) I tried it and I loved it. A few minutes after application I could feel my whole face lift and tighten and when I woke up in the morning my skin appeared brighter and smoother. Great! Apparently, significant results can be seen in just a few weeks. I can’t wait. After a week my skin really does look better already (helped by the fact that it’s lovely and sunny outside).

The story behind De Tuinen Snail Gel:

The unique healing and repairing powers of the snail slime, which is harvested without causing any harm to the snails, was discovered by chance by snail farmers in who noticed their hands were incredibly soft and smooth and minor cuts and scars were healing unusually quickly. Further research and clinical testing found that the secretions contained high levels of naturally occurring allantoine, collagen, elastine and anti-bacterial substances which are used by the snails to repair their shells and have beneficial healing and smoothing effects on human skin.

De Tuinen Snail Gel can help with:

? Acne and acne scars
? Fade liver spots
? Wrinkles and expression lines, including those dreaded crow feet
? Scars
? Stretch marks
? Age spots

De Tuinen Snail Gel, which is available in the UK exclusively through Holland & Barrett stores. Significant results can be seen after just a few weeks of using Snail Gel 2-3 times daily.