Unless you’re one of the blessed few who are hightailing down to (or, indeed, returning from) Gatwick at the moment to say “fuck that” to flight restrictions and delays by carrying as much duty free, in as many pieces of hand luggage, as humanly possible, only to then parachute out of the plane just over the extraordinarily well-ladened lineup of the Lowlands festival (the Dutch Glastonbury), then the chances are you’re:

a) stuck in London because you’re skint and therefore couldn’t go to Holland
b) miserable (see point (a) for reason)
c) looking for something to keep you occupied that
a. doesn’t involve spending cash
b. doesn’t involve going outside whilst the weather is acting like a small child after consuming a large bag of sweets – unpredictable
c. doesn’t involve categorising your life into a, b or c options.

Worry not for 020.com is here to help. Your week ahead is filled with Peeping Fiona (Tom must’ve gone to Holland aswell), cubic music and some shrimp on the barbie. So let’s don our waterproof suits made from nothing but pure fact, shield our eyes from the sting of tariffs with our protective free-only goggles, and dive right into the fresh balmy waters of Free London.

For schoolboys and CCTV advocates there is the chance to question your own morality in Fiona Rogers’ Peep exhibition opening at the Viewfinder Photography Gallery this week. Her photographs use a fish-eye perspective of the ladies changing rooms at her local swimming pool. Seedy voyeurism or a statement about privacy? Runs until 12th September. Closest tube: Greenwich DLR.

Food, we all adore it and, baring a few alien/robot celebrities it seems, most of us cant live without it. The new Feed Your Imagination display installed at the Oxo Tower Wharf carves open our fascination with nosh and serves up a healthy portion of photographs by amateurs and professionals alike. Obesity, the mere pleasures of scoffing and the worldwide effects of food in general are dealt with. Runs until September 18th. Nearest tube: Blackfriars, Southwark or Waterloo.

For those that don’t mind the rain, you will find many free activities to experience at the Shoreditch Festival which ends this weekend. Your last chance to catch much of the free contemporary art, dance, theatre, music and children’s events. Nearest tube: Old Street

If you’d like to make some music with your arse and then bluetooth it as a ringtone to your mobile, test out the PLAY.orchestra interactive sound installation at the Royal Festival Hall. Each of the 56 plastic cubes makes a noise when you sit on it according to the position it represents in an orchestra. Lasts for 7 weeks. Nearest tube: Waterloo.

And finally, if you’re partial to some kumara and sausages with your tunes then on Wednesday 23rd (7pm-1am) Cargo plays host to the residents’ Spacific 5th birthday. The New Zealand cultural promotion group will be putting on a free BBQ hosted by the Spacific All-Stars. Nearest tube: Old Street.

Failing that, you could always stay in and watch Big Brother finally kill itself off in a sweaty, pre-pubesant pile of Glyn’s winnings.