with special guests INCI & LIAM GERNER.

Since the age of thirteen (or there-abouts), Bob Evans has been inhabiting a recess in the psyche of Kevin Mitchell – frontman for evergreen Australian indie rockers JEBEDIAH, an act who have been at the forefront of Australian music for the past decade.

Bob began making tentative steps on to the live stage by the age of 21, armed with only 6 shabby songs about the search for love and playing fullback in the football team. By the age of 24 this song list had grown to many and the live stage appearances had become more frequent. It was at this point that Bob began to formulate the concept of an album, trawling through his life’s work and demoing songs in his back room with a microphone stickytaped to a guitar stand to record his guitars.

In the autumn of 2003, aged twenty five, Bob found time in between Jebediah’s hectic schedule to ventured into the studio in his hometown of Perth, Australia, to produce his debut album, “Suburban Kid”. The end result is twelve songs, incorporating country, pop, soul and folk influences and subject matter involving falling in love, broken down cars, falling out of love, coming down off drugs on a Christmas morning, falling in love again, going out on a Friday night, and the wonder of being loved whilst being totally unworthy. Bob hit the road to promote “Suburban Kid”, touring in Australia with a guitar and a backpack, apart from that triple bill with Evan Dando and Tim Rogers when other folk seemed to look after the essentials. In the past year Bob has also played with the likes of Bright Eyes, Tegan and Sara and Little Birdy, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Bob Evans signed to EMI Australia in July 2005 after he sent out a grand total of 1 demo, and quickly made tracks to Nashville Tennessee to hole up in a studio to record his sophamore album and dodge hurricanes. Guided by the deft touch and helpful ear of Mr Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Yo La Tengo, Butterfly Boucher) Bob is crafting a record which will contain 12 of the best damn songs he could possibly produce. Ken Coomer (ex Wilco) and Brad formed a rhythm section to be feared, and with Nashville providing the flavour it’s going to wind up to be one hell of a record.

Having just completed performing shows in Sweden with Architecture in Helsinki – Bob Evan’s will be bringing his swag of solo works to London for the very 1st time in December for 1 SHOW ONLY!

with special guests

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