The world loves ice cream. Wars could be solved if only the world traded fluffy ice cream rather than weapons. I wrote to a few members of my local council who all seemingly agreed but they could not get the ball rolling and said that Cameron was not interested and Boris was too busy opening cycle paths.

So I decided I would go it alone and start the revolution directly from my home. I had a word with Philips and they sent me over an ice cream maker. No, it wasn’t Fabrizio from Rome, it was a sexy little machine you plug into the kitchen wall. I was about to make ice cream.

The easy to clean machine consists of a sturdy bowl, cooling disc, stirrer, cover and a motor unit, all simple to put together and can be stored as one unit when not in use. It comes with a manual as well as recipe book.

The device makes ice cream by rotating the mixed ingredients over a cooling disc which needs to be put in the freezer for at least 18 hours before use. The cooling disc once removed from your freezer is put into the device’s bowl and then all needs to be done is attach the stirrer, clip on the cover and attach the motor. Once you plug it in and switch it on then pour your pureed ingredients into the cover’s opening point and wait 30 and 50 minutes, depending on your desired consistency. It’s an easy device to use and perfect for pulling out when friends are over for a BBQ or you have to babysit your sister’s kids (or your own).

I have made a few batches of ice cream now, nothing beats it fresh out of the machine. Any left overs go straight into the freezer in a plastic tub and can be used for lonely nights at home.

Let your imagination run free and puree an assortment of in-season fruit and even vegetables to be part of your ingredients. Be inventive this summer and get a few friends over to help you mix it up a little and enjoy the delights in the garden.

Viva La Revolución!

The Philips Ice Cream Maker can be purchased for £49.99. It has a 1 litre capacity for soft ice cream and 0.8 litres for hard ice cream. Find it online or from good retailers like John Lewis and other department stores with a sweet tooth.