Specially commissioned by the Drill Hall as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, ‘Bitch Slapped by God’ is a seasonal one-man show written and performed by Everett Quinton, the undisputed Queen of farcical theatre. Billed as a Christmas pantomime and antidote to all that festive commercial nonsense, this is nonsense of an altogether different and most refreshing kind.

The plot speeds along at a whirlwind pace, rapidly gathering momentum right through to the climactic ending. Incorporating along the way a brilliant cast of supporting actors in the form of Andy Jones’ wonderfully crafted puppets and some fabulous re-enactments of classic Christmas tales and nursery rhymes.

With over fifty different characters and a vast array of absurd props to single-handedly contend with, Everett Quinton puts in a stellar performance that admirably showcases his considerable acting talent, comic timing and stamina. He has a remarkable ability to engage the audience with his intelligent dialogue, razor-sharp wit and an utterly ridiculous yet entirely believable cast of cleverly observed and insightful characters.

The best farce is often rooted in serious issue and ‘Bitch Slapped by God’ is no exception. Encompassing the whole spectrum of human emotion and exploring the intimate subjects of death, desire and sexuality, it simultaneously highlights important issues of corporate exploitation, the fallibility of the Bush administration and just how damn unfair life can be sometimes. It’s also incredibly funny and entertaining, so if you fancy a good belly laugh this Christmas at a cosy gem of a venue go and see it. You won’t be disappointed.