Today at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, Apple introduced Mac mini, the most affordable and compact Mac ever.

This little box will be seling at $499 (£339 in the UK) and PC users
will be able to plug in their existing monitor using the included
adapter. The machine sells in two models, the 1.25ghz or 1.42ghz PowerPC G4
processor and the ATI Radeon 9200 graphics with 32MB of dedicated DDR

Every Mac mini includes iLife ‘05, which was also introduced today, and
is the must-have upgrade to Apple’s award-winning suite of digital
lifestyle applications with major new versions of iPhoto™, iMovie®,
iDVD® and GarageBand™. iLife ‘05 also features the latest version of
iTunes®, the digital music jukebox software which includes
the iTunes Music Store, the world’s number one online music store.

Both models come with a slot-load Combo drive for watching DVD movies
and burning CDs, and up to an 80GB hard drive for storing digital media

Apple also unveiled the iPod Shuffle, a breakthrough digital music
player based on iPod’s legendary shuffle feature which lets users
experience their music ‘in a million different ways’. Whether you
actually would like to listen to it a million different ways is another
thing. Smaller and lighter
than a pack of gum, iPod shuffle comes with its own lanyard so it’s
ready to wear right out of the box – you’ll be spotted on the tube
immediately as part of the iPod army. iPod shuffle works seamlessly
iTunes’ innovative AutoFill feature which automatically selects songs
from a user’s music library to fill up iPod shuffle with just one
click. iPod shuffle is available in two models: 512MB holding up to 120
songs for just $99 and 1GB holding up to 240 songs for just $149
(apparently will be sold here for £69 or £99 respectively).

Photographs courtesy of Apple.