Sonic Charge have come out with a nice little plugin for the tweek heads who are perhaps looking for something to bust up their vocals a little without breaking the bank. The press pack claims it is ‘a real time pitch excited linear prediction codec effect’, nice of them to illuminate us thus but for me for starters it felt a bit like a vocoder and that’s no bad thing


Well, I might be on my own here, but when it comes to software based vocoders the ones I’ve used have either been a bit pricey or not terribly effective. This one however is pretty easy to use, plays well as part of a chain of plugins and finally it wont break the bank. Of course it requires a VST host like Logic or Ableton (but if you got this far then you knew that right), I’ve worked with it in Ableton and so far it seems rock solid.

Of course using it on vocals is only the starting point, bang any sound through it and start playing around with it and you can quickly get some tasty freak out effects. Weighing in at $29 (+ VAT) its a solid enough purchase.

…Oh and it looks like the old Speak & Spell machines as well. Bonus.