Fresh from seducing Berlin last summer, Space Cabaret launches in London on Friday 16th April at Bardens Boudoir, providing a showcase for for provocative and boundary defying performance artists, experimental music, neo-cabaret theatrics and the sort of weird stuff that nobody else will book. With an overriding spirit of entertainment, creativity and tongue-in-cheek subversive fun, Space Cabaret presents a self-aware and fresh take on the decadent ethos of Weimar Berlin cabaret, without falling into the realms of 1930s pastiche.

OVER THE TOP! Turns performing (alive on stage):

THE TWO WRONGIES – (Zwei) Dry-docked mermaids
An unrestrained exposé of the female sexual psyche which confounds conventional barriers of taste and decency. They share a love of bad jokes, filth and the power of dance to create work with comic prowess, inspired choreographed moments and a considered visual impact

ORAL ORAL – Carry on screaming
“I never thought I’d find myself dancing to something that sounds like a car alarm” -Legendary New York DJ, (and inventor of ‘electroclash’) Larry Tee Electronic improvised spoken word noise band, featuring wailing and shrieking from London nightlife institution Princess Julia (as seen in the video for ‘Fade to Grey’ by Visage), and members of Battant and An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump.

SPUNKY – Fallen teen idol
In a previous life, he was living the rock and roll dream, having hit singles and doing sell out shows all over the world. However he gave it all up to play sea shanties in the backrooms of old men’s pubs. His stage shows now comprise part performance and part cathartic outpouring, where he exorcises his inner demons.

UNDER THE RADAR! Playing recorded music (for dancing):
FIL OK – Nag Nag Nag
RALPH RAZOR – Razor Stiletto
IAN ‘TDR’ ANDERSON – Pho Ku Polluted Rockers/ Ten Denk Riots

For the uninitiated Ralph Razor is the founder of the legendary Sheffield club night Razor Stiletto. He has also been responsible for nights in London, Dublin, Berlin and Paris and has curated a party for Vivienne Westwood. Fil OK is resident DJ and co-founder of era-defining London club night and celebrity hang out Nag Nag Nag which spearheaded the UK electronic music revival of the 2000s.

Artwork/imagery in this piece is courtesy of The Designers Republic.