The latest doyen of the ringtone generation (or at least one of them) Chipmunk returns with his new single ‘Oopsy Daisy’ which is out on October 5th. Although the press describes him as an artist who encompasses ‘grime, R&B and electro’ for my money his pop sensibilities stand a little prouder than his other influences. Chipmunk delivers an inoffensive and relatively competent rap set to a piano heavy backdrop aided and abetted by guest vocalist Dayo who delivers in the vein of Lily Allen. There’s more than a touch of the pre meditated to this one. Everything about is borderline between acceptable and bland and the Digital Dog remixes are frankly unforgivable. You will tire of this quickly unless you have a short term memory deficit or you are a goldfish.

V.V Brown meanwhile ups the ante with her new single ‘Game Over’ (out Oct 12th) another ballsy release from her debut album ‘Traveling Like The Light’. This time around she drops a mixture of light skittish percussion mixed with a decidedly 70’s ‘big band’ kind of sound, tons of brass and bass which might sound like a disaster on paper but works supremely well on the ear, add to this some nice little synth flourishes and a trademark self assured vocal from Brown and we’re backing a winner here kids.

Both tracks mention the word “headlock” by the way.

Just thought I should tell you that.