The King Blues return with their new single ‘My Boulder’, released on October 13th, what can I say? Well, its like pub rock mixed with some punk sensibilities all delivered straight into your front room with a wrecking ball. A guaranteed live sing along with its anthemic chorus and positive sentiments. Its been ‘C’ listed on Radio 1 but for my money deserves a higher ranking than that . There’s a tour to come as well with the Carling Academy Islington being the pre requisite London date (22 Oct). Marvellous stuff.

A bit further along the scale we have the current release from the strangely teamed ‘Team Waterpolo’ and their single ‘So Called Summer’. An odd hybrid of pop/rock and synths which doesn’t quite gel for me. Something of a brave effort that doesn’t know where its loyalties lie. I can see it getting airplay but for my money its decidedly average.