Now I know we’ve not had much of a summer here in Blighty, BUT……….
This summer 68% of people will risk damaging their skin by using inadequate or no sun-protection whilst in the UK.
The survey of 4,000 people, conducted by AfterBURN Sunburn Rescue Gel, found nine out of ten people have experienced painful sunburn whilst in the UK. The most common reasons that caused people to get sunburnt in this country were, not realising it was hot enough to need sun cream followed by staying in the sun too long without reapplying sun protection and missing parts of the body when applying sun cream.
Dr. John Ashworth, NHS Consultant Dermatologist, says: “People must appreciate that they don’t need to be overseas on holiday to get sunburnt.  Every year Brits get caught out by the strength of the UK sun. Sunburn is effectively a radiation burn, with prolonged exposure to the sun causing skin to overheat and become red and painful.  If skin is burnt then people should stay out of the sun, drink plenty of water and use a hydrating treatment like AfterBURN to soothe the area and to help repair the skin – conventional aftersun treatments may not be effective and are simply not enough.”
AfterBURN Sunburn Rescue Gel is a new dermatological gel with a unique osmotic action, which helps draws water from within the skin to its surface, thus helping to rehydrate and treat the sun damaged area.  Clinical trials highlight its efficacy in aiding the skin’s healing process, reducing redness, easing discomfort and helping reduce the chances of premature skin aging.

AfterBURN Sunburn Rescue Gel:
Aids the skin’s healing process
Reduces redness
Cools irritation
Eases discomfort
Reduces chance of peeling

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