Primal Scream return on July 14th with their new single ‘Can’t Go Back’ which is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Beautiful Future’. The history of Primal Scream has been patchy in places but this single shows a distinct return to form. The band deliver in high octane fashion with a release that couples lean muscular drumming and guitar work threaded through with needle sharp synthesiser that serves to give the band a certain contemporary sharpness that will hopefully serve them well on the album. Its no surprise that Paul Epworth (who has previously done stirling work with Bloc Party) was at the helm. This is indeed a worthy return.

Next up is the new single from Linkin Park, following their successful pairing with Jay Z they now link hands with Busta Rhymes for their latest release ‘We Made It’ out on June 23rd but if truth be told I’d rather they hadn’t bothered. Overblown pop rock drama with a somewhat mediocre rap from someone who has clearly proven time and again that he can do better than this. Lightweight and uninspired. I have no doubt that this will of course be the kind of radio fodder that will incessantly be rammed into your ears in the most frightful manner over the summer. You’ve been warned.

Finally we have the new single from Hadouken!, those familiar with their material shouldn’t be surprised that as ever this is ‘The Prodigy for the Ritalin Generation’. Breakneck chase scene music with oodles of up to the minute references for the myspace kids. If you’re over nineteen you should approach this with caution, if you’re over thirty you might want to consider your meds before listening. Not bad at all.