Just a couple of singles for review today, could this be because a) I only have two to look at or b) I’d rather be outside in the sunshine rather than sat typing, you decide…

Kicking off with the first release from Sheffield’s Razor Stiletto Records comes ‘Hiroshima’ courtesy of Darlings Of The Splitscreen. A suitably tasty little slab of electro pop that will repay the time you invest in it handsomely. It’s all low slung synth bass and lyrics that take me back to some of my more unpleasant drug experiences. Still that’s no bad thing when it’s someone else singing about them.

This lot are a decent live prospect as well, catch them tomorrow (that’s the 7th May depending on when you are reading this) playing Nag Nag Nag @ Ghetto (link below). Then when you’ve fallen for their charms you can buy the single at the gig or alternatively from Puregroove (again link below) in either ultra modern digital form, or as a shiny black 7”. Ace!

Next up is May7ven (that’s one for dyslexia fans) with her single ‘Hands Up”. According to the press blurb this is a hit with seven wonders inside it. I haven’t got a bloody clue what they are talking about. For my money it’s yet another example of plinky plonky r’n’b foisted on us by another sweetly crooning faceless singer who we are unlikely to hear of again. Halfway through a misogynistic fuckwit turns up and announces he would like to dole out “spankings” of some nature. Oh the wit, the originality…avoid.