What will the music world’s most famous couples get up to on Valentine’s Day? While the rest of us are cooking a romantic three-course dinner for two, handing over cash for an extortionately priced set meal or running a candle-lit bath for a loved one, you can’t help but wonder what the stars are doing. Do they make their own cards? Do they sing to their other half or just play it cool and forget?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and the worst of today’s most talked about musical love combos. We’ve also provided some gift suggestions – in case they’re stuck for inspiration. Just don’t blame us if they split up before this article hits your computer screen. You know what the Bermuda Triangle of celebrity relationships is like.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

You’d be forgiven for saying that Kate Moss isn’t a musician. She does however, hang out with the dirtier instrument-wielding members of London’s elite. She has also been known to join ex-Pete Doherty on stage for a bout of wailing. Kate and Pete recorded the duet ‘La Belle Et La Bete’ for Babyshambles’ 2005 album ‘Down In Albion’. The model also sang with Bobby Gillespie on Primal Scream’s version of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Some Velvet Morning’. Nowadays, the world’s most famous clothes horse spends her days coupled up with Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Not quite so dirty but Rock all the same.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
Kate should get poor old Jamie a pair of heavy-duty sunglasses; those paparazzi flashes wreak havoc on the eyes. As for Kate, she’s probably got everything already. Some more Alka-Seltzer would surely be appreciated.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

It’s been a big year for Lionel Richie’s little waif. His adopted daughter not only served time in prison, she also presented him with a brand new grandchild. She may not be the official ‘fruits of his loins’ but she’s sure keeping the old musician busy. The father of her child is none other than US Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden. Life surely ain’t so simple now hey love? We assume this Valentine’s Day will be a family affair.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
Joel should give Nicole a set of ‘his and hers’ ice-skates. When she was younger she worked hard towards the goal of becoming an Olympic figure skater. Now she’s better of using them to stay on the ice-cold straight and narrow.

Lee Mead and Denise Van-Outen

You’ve got to hand it to the star of the West End musical ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Lee Mead not only counts Andrew Lloyd Weber as a mate, he also dates one of the hottest radio presenters in London.

Yes, curly haired Mead and Denise Van-Outen recently made their relationship public. He is a stage performer and solo recording artist, whilst after a stint in ‘Rent – The Musical’, she spends her mornings on air chatting about some of the biggest names in the music industry. Denise is seven years Lee’s senior but we’re sure they still make sweet colourful music behind closed doors. The question is… does he wear his dreamcoat to bed?

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
Wouldn’t it be great to see Lee Mead with straightened hair? Straightening irons it is then.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

You couldn’t concoct a better story if you tried; New Zealand-born Australian Country music singer Keith Urban reportedly met fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman at ‘G’Day LA’, a Hollywood event honouring Australians. How very Bonza mate! They’re a couple you just can’t hate – perhaps because they’re just so damn talented. In addition to her acting skills, Nicole also has a sweet voice – something she proved when singing her way through ‘Moulin Rouge’. Rumour has it; they’re expecting their first child. He or she is bound to top the class – it’s enough to make a mere mortal weep.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
Some sunscreen; Nicole may come from the ‘land down under’ but she has a complexion to rival even the pastiest of English roses.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Talk about a power couple. She is one of the hottest butt shaking, tune belting Pop singers around and he is one of the wealthiest Hip-Hop artists and entrepreneurs in America. It’s hard to imagine what these two discuss at the dinner table. “No Beyoncé darling, you’re more successful”, “No Jay-Z my stud muffin, I insist – you’re much more successful than me”. The possibilities are endless.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
Jay-Z will soon embark on a US tour with Mary-J Blige and will headline the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. It has to be a pair of wellies then; bullet-proof for him and diamond-encrusted for her.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

From the Mickey Mouse club to mass Pop world domination, Christina has done quite well for herself. Her ‘Dirty’ days are over now and she has married life served up on a plate – complete with a new baby and a husband in the form of American Jewish music marketing executive Jordan Bratman. For Jordan’s sake, we’d like to think Christina will whip out a couple of outfits from the past on Valentine’s Day. Realistically, it’ll probably be a case of a messy baby bottoms rather than crotchless cowboy trousers.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
A nanny or two; busy musicians are bound to need a helping hand.

Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott Lee

If you read OK Magazine (skip past the pages emblazoned with Jordan and Peter), you can’t escape celebrity couple Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton and former 3SL crooner Andy Scott-Lee. After unsuccessful Pop-Idol and Eurovision attempts, Mr Scott-Lee is back on the music circuit. His new tune ‘Unforgettable’ was released this week and (wait for it)… is dedicated to his wife Michelle. Aw…

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:
Who needs a present when you’ve got a song written for you? Then again, maybe a sick bucket would suffice.

Alexa Chung and Alex Turner

They don’t come much cooler than these two music bods. When they’re not hitting Indie hotspots and looking alarmingly similar, reports say they’re one of the music industry’s cutest duos. As you’re probably well aware, Alexa is British TV presenter and former model. She may not sing, but presenting Popworld obviously put her in touch with the right people. Her past relationships include a string of musicians. We’d like to bet Alex and Alexa will spend Valentine’s Day looking good on the dance floor.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:

Alexa should splash out and buy Turner a season ticket for his band’s favourite football team ‘Sheffield Wednesday’.

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton

Love him or hate him, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher not only has the classic Rock pose mastered, he’s also bagged himself a singer. All Saints band member Nicole Appleton seems to have wowed the Oasis rocker since they started dating in 2000. The couple also have a son, Gene. It’s hard to imagine how the couple will choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe they’ll get brother Noel Gallagher around for a dinner while a selection of All Saints tunes play softly in the background. It’s unlikely, but your guess is as good as anyone’s.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:

He’s got the fans and the status – Noel probably doesn’t want much more than a pint at the local.

Kate Nash and Ryan Jarman

What do you get when you cross a sweet English red-head solo artist with a Cribs’ guitarist? Easy – one of the cutest couples in the business. The pair allegedly began their relationship when Miss Nash supported the band at Rock City in 2008. Since then, the knight in shining Indie threads threw a pint glass at a Kate Nash heckler. Now there’s an act of affection if ever we saw it.

Suggested Valentine’s Day gift:

This one’s easy. Take note Ryan… Kate “Just wants your kiss boy, kiss boy, kiss boy”.