Tina Dico is not a household name, however her new album ‘Count To Ten’ is something of a curiosity that could go some lengths towards addressing that. She’s no Jenny come lately mind you, the Danish singer songwriter has already got an album behind her (In The Red) and a history of collaborations with the likes of Zero 7. She was more or less a new commodity to me however.

The album ‘Count To Ten’ is something of a revelation for the uninitiated. It consists of brightly produced slices of acoustic pop that have a little more steel about them than much in this genre that is on offer right now. When you mate up vocals of this nature to this kind of music you understand why it is the case. Dico has quite a powerhouse of a voice, it needs something a bit stronger than average to house it.

Evidence of this hits you right out of the box with the opening track ‘Count To Ten’. Tina’s voice doesn’t so much just appear but land like something dropped out of the sky. You get this level of performance throughout the album. In terms of songwriting there are occasional clichés and flaws but in truth there is nothing that can’t be excused easily. Definitely one to watch.

The album is released on Feburary 4th

Photo : Martin Dam Kristensen