Few people with even a passing interest in the club scene north of the border can fail to be aware of Razor Stiletto, for the last four years they have been providing Sheffield and when they behave themselves London with nights of glamour, extravagance and a delectable sense of the avant garde. There’s no question the night has left an indelible mark on clubland with praise in The Guardian, NME and Attitude. However the glittering mix of Electro and Glam represents only half of Razor Stiletto’s story.

The visual aspect of the club has always been of as much importance as the sounds they play. Thanks to the artwork of TokyJo the club has developed a unique identity and if anything her creations sum up in many respects what the club is about.

As a result from 9th August to 8th September there will be an exhibition of her work at the Archipalego Gallery in Sheffield (worry not Oh London, there are already negotiations to take the exhibition South once its current run has concluded). For those that are in the area, this will be an excellent chance to see a collection of TokyoJo’s work dating back over the life of Razor Stiletto and also the chance to see photography by Pixelwitch.

There will also be the opportunity to purchase some of the prints on show with posters starting from £10 right through to £300 for a large sized canvas.