Something of an oddity came a creeping through my letterbox this morning. One of those weird tracks that totally flummoxes the listener. If only for the reason that you can’t decide whether it is something of merit or quite frankly something for the bargain bin.

The latest release from seminal synth noodler Jean Michel Jarre the single Tea & Teo presents one such enigma. A relative short slice of europop that as I see it has very little chance of making a dent in the chart but perhaps deserves a few column inches anyway just for the fact that he has made the effort.

It’s a very standard offering, giving you the obligatory chunky heavy 4/4 beats and dramatic swells and lifts you find in any track of this genre in this day and age. Its offering nothing new or ground breaking and in the right clubs will offer you a scant three minutes entertainment but as for longevity, you’ve got more chance of pulling a snowball out of the oven.

Tea & Teo is released on April 16th and is the prelude to an album of the same name on April 23rd