In a week where I’ve been deluged with what seems like a plethora of easy listening it would seem my journey out of Cardigan valley is not over yet. Two more CD’s have befallen my doorstep with ‘The People’s Tenor’ Russell Watson providing his take on classic numbers made famous by the likes of Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Its Watson’s first foray into recording this type of material and as often the case with people from a “big voice” he coasts over numbers like Strangers In The Night, When I Fall In Love and the like with comparative ease. If there is a criticism to be levelled its that the whole process is a touch too easy, too polished. Even the best singers have flaws and foibles which them a uniqueness and a sense of identity. Watson at times hammers out the faults to provide his sound at the expense of this. It’s a predictable enough track listing and if you find yourself with a relative of a certain vintage with a birthday coming up soon then this could be along the right lines.

Donny Osmond is another one who returns to milk the proverbial cash cow by recording a set of evergreens. His efforts are centred on Love Songs of the 70’s that is incidentally the title of the album. Its pretty much what you would expect as well. Once again Mums & Dads of a certain age will probably wet themselves for a collection like this and if you’re into your ballade ring numbers then as a whole this is quite a complete package. Donny doesn’t touch the originals in terms of quality, he’s up against champion crooners like Johnny Mathis, Bee Gees, and…cough…Leo Sayer though. Once again however it’s all relatively harmless and dare I say likable if this is your bag.

Russell Watson’s ‘That’s Life’ is out on 15th March while Donny Osmond’s ‘Love Songs Of The Seventies’ hits the shops on 5th March both are released through Decca.