Following on from Supermode’s handbag fuelled cover of the Bronski Beat track ‘Tell Me Why’, Data Records throw something new into the ring with a track from the ‘swedish house mafia’ (their words not mine) Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. Fireflies featuring Alexandra Prince ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ is a slice of rubbery-based pop house that should keep the townies happy of a Saturday night. There might even be the chance of a bit of chart action with this one as well. A suitably by the numbers vocal from Alexandra Prince means this doesn’t particularly offend and in the midst of a set should keep things moving nicely even if its not the most inspirational track you’re going to find this year.

The real saving graces for this one that turn up in the remix department. Ian Carey’s outing is suitably strengthened at the back with punchier beats and a thicker abrasive bass. Ditching some of the slick moves of the original in order to make this a slightly fiercer outing. And in fairness this is what the track needs to give it that bit of buoyancy. A dub mix would have been nice though but you can’t have it all ways.

Richard F’s two offerings shift things up another gear into more anthemic territory. The thick keyboard swells and driving motorised bass compliment the vocals and really bring something out of the track. It all simmers suitably slowly serving as tantalising dance floor fare, making these the clincher mixes which might give the track a bit of longevity.

Elsewhere the track has been getting praise from the likes of Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and Full Intention and if you fancy seeing Steve Angello playing out he is at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 26th August for his ‘Size’ night.