And the animals came in two by two…

Or something along those lines, in yet another one of BB 2007’s many twists and turns the unsuspecting housemates have faced another week of potential trials and tribulations. Only this week they’ve faced adversity with a special friend to stand by them through thick and thin (whether they like it or not).

Following the hardship of “punishment week” this week Big Brother has been promoting peace love and harmony. Each housemate was allowed to choose a compadre as a “special friend” for the duration of the week. This friend would accompany them on trips to the diary room, and when the appropriate music plays they have to come together for a hug that must last for the duration of the song.

The pairings have been interesting, Pete and Richard seem a clement enough coupling while Mikey and Glyn have demonstrated a distinct level of discomfort when it comes to any male to male bonding or physical contact. Nobody particularly wanted to be over friendly with Spiral (understandable) so he wound up with Michael. This in itself was amusing given the ill tempered Irishman’s obvious discomfort with being in anything like a close proximity of someone who is gay.

Imogen and Susie are a match made in heaven in the respect that neither of them have anything of interest to contribute (although remember it is a worthwhile pursuit watching Susie’s carefully maintained physical appearance start to fall to pieces, she’ll need more work than Nelson’s Column when she gets out). Finally Aisleyn and Jennie are the last pairing which makes one wonder how long it will before the diminutive scouser is “turned to the dark side” under the ghetto princess’s influence.

The most interesting twist however came courtesy of nominations. This time round the housemates nominate in their respective pairs and face their fates together. When it came to actually finding out who was up for the vote the only people to escape the vote were Mikey/Glyn and Aisleyn/Jenni (very lucky) that meant that finally the radar dodgers of the last few weeks were facing the axe.

So this week we could be losing Imogen/Susie (tempting isn’t it), Michael/Spiral (in my eyes the “most likely to”…but I’m usually wrong) or Richard and Pete (now wouldn’t that be one hell of an upset).

In reality this is technically a two (or four) horse race. Pete despite having a quiet run of late still appears to be the nation’s favourite and by proxy a decision to keep him would ensure Richard’s safety as well.

Michael’s early potential has proven to be something of a flash in the pan and Spiral needs pulling out of the house before he commits an act of violence or some form of sexually related misdemeanour (such is his lechery). And remember with a month still remaining we can still get some mileage out of watching Susie “fall to pieces”.

Tough choice, choose wisely.