As is always the case the nation was left with a choice of who to show the door in the first week of Big Brother. Let’s be right people it was always going to be a tricky choice. On the one hand it could have been Glyn, the walking equivalent of a cotton bud and with the equivalent personality to match. Then of course there was Bonneh…sorry Bonnie. Quite possibly the most monosyllabic contestant in the history of the show. Armed with an aura of prime chav and a voice that sounded like the dredgings of a pond.

Like I said tough call. But in the end the nation spoke and I suspect it chose wisely. See you later Bonnie!

In hindsight looking at her audition video she had the makings of prize clown television. She was gonna come down to London and “blaze it up” but the reality of the situation was she sat around a lot, mourned the absence of her suitcase and pined for her “pink hoodeh”. When it finally came to her exit, the ensemble cast gathered round and wished her well in the most insincere fashion possible (you’re out, I’m still in. Bye, whatever). And so she left, two fingers blazing at the world and armed with a tango tan that would have shamed Jodie Marsh. Hey, even the obligatory “best bits” video didn’t make scintillating viewing.

Elsewhere this week we saw Dawn get kicked from the house for breaking one of the cardinal rules of the show. Communicating with the outside world. Yes, folks Dawn had “a code” and in the tradition of all the best sleuths and spies she opened her gob and told the other housemates about it. Apparently if her sister at any time contacted the show and told them “she was ill” that was a secret phrase that indicated she should get out.

Looking at Dawn’s exit there was more to it than met the eye. Try the phrase “reverse psychology” but in this instance it was reverse psychology that appeared to go wrong. She tried the old “that’s it I’m leaving” trick. Looking for the others to beg her to stay, her exit speech rapidly became one of the “alright then I’ll leave tomorrow” variety. Perhaps if she had kept a lid on her “coded” conversation then I daresay she would have comfortably hung on to her place in the house. Nice one Dawn, early bath for you (did you see what I did there…oh never mind).

Glyn meanwhile managed to show signs of life, but it took a sensuous (and I use that term loosely) lap dance from Lea to jump start his verbal skills. It must have been a traumatic experience though because George went to bed early for a good cry. However even in slumber he couldn’t escape Lea’s attentions. She was one of three women to come to his chamber in a bid to console him in his misery. Lucky or unlucky…you decide. So with another week about to start, Big Brother has plans to introduce or perhaps reintroduce two new (or perhaps not so new) housemates into the equation and as we all know new faces equal fresh friction.

Stay tuned.