On the blower to Brandon Block by Christian Rose-Day

Brandon Block on his mobile with his Mum nearby. His Mum doesn't say anything but he certainly doesn't keep too quiet.

In Apocalypse Now Martin Sheen told us that, “Everyone gets what they

want. I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one”. He was

about to head upstream into volatile territory in order to communicate

with Colonel Kurtz, the crazed leader of a mass of maddened minions.

Brandon Block, dance-music’s own Marlon Brando, is a producer, an

Ibiza-Godfather, a long-time doyen of the dance floor, and a thoroughly

agreeable chap. As long as it revolves at 45 rpm and isn’t nailed down

Brandon Block will mix it. ‘Blocko’ plays Detached this month at The

Telegraph alongside antipodean funsters Supermagic.

So Brandon, you’ve been around for about 480 years now, and you’ve

played so many clubs that if you laid them end to end they’d probably

go to the moon and back - why The Telegraph gig?

BB: Basically I’m starting the night at The White House in Clapham and was

asked if I could nip over to Brixton to finish the job off. I’ve heard

good things about Detached – a music-friendly crowd who’ll appreciate

all genres. We’ll be playing some funky house, electro house, soulful



Semi-Detached house?

BB: Ha ha!


Two in one night?

BB: It used to be a common thing for me to do 2 or 3 gigs on a Friday night but it's not so much like that any more.

Getting older?

BB: Yeh, something like that mate.


What’s your favourite residency?

BB: Probably the Honey Club in Brighton, and obviously Space in Ibiza when I was doing it.


People always ask you about the best clubs and the best crowds, but

rarely ask you about the accommodation situation at all these great

places. Ever been to any hotels that blew your mind?

BB: I usually just drive home actually. No matter where I am. I was in

Leeds last night and I drove home. However, I have stayed in the 7-star

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai and it is ridiculous!

Can you name 5 famous talking cats?

BB: Sylvester, Felix, the Cheshire Cat, the one Ben Stiller did the voice for in Madagascar, and Simba from Lion King!

Nice job!

I once saw you play at Mezzanine in Wolverhampton with a roomful of

sweaty, grinning Midlanders and my little brother. It was a wicked

night, not without incident, but can we just clear up, for my brother's

sake, is London ‘da biznizz’ when it comes to clubbing?

BB: Mezzanine? Bloody hell, thems were good days! It depends, certain

London clubs are definitely ‘da bizznizz’, but there are other clubs

around the country that also have great nights.

You’ve done more Ibiza mix CDs than I care to shoplift, plus with

the help of your mate Alex P you’ve been pivotal to the island’s status

in British music - so do you consider Ibiza your real home and will it

ever be as good as it used to be?

BB: I don’t think I could ever recreate the times that Alex and I had

there. We were there from the outset, through most of the madness.

Well, we were the ones causing it, to be honest. It’s not my real home

but it’s still the best place to go and party whenever you want.

How much money would it take to erase those memories?

BB: Ooh, about 400 quid. Nah, just joking! Nothing would make my life

perfect, unless you count reliving all those memories again I spose.

Have you got anything you’d like to plug that we can look forward to?

BB: Nothing in the pipeline right now, but coming up to Christmas its all a

bit hectic. I’m going to start producing again in a couple of weeks,

hopefully with the old Blockster boys again.

On your website there is a chatroom discussion

about whether or not you’re the kind of bloke that would say (or even

write) the words “thanks sweetie”, in whatever context. Can you clear

up this argument once and for all?

BB: Thanks sweetie? No, I don’t say that. I say “Cheers gorgeous”.

Thanks sweetie.

BB: You’re welcome gorgeous.

So, genres that don’t have the word ‘house’ in their name, who do you like to rock out to?

BB: I love old hip hop, ‘Rappers Delight’ and that sort of stuff. LL Cool J is one of my favourites too.

Can you demonstrate your rapping skills for us now?

BB: Not a chance. At least not whilst I’m driving.

Your musical range, much like your demeanor, is, for want of a

better phrase, all over the place: Breakbeat, old skool, funky house,

peaking trance – can you give us an explanation?

BB: I wouldn’t say ‘all over the place’, ‘eclectic’ is the word I’d use. It

depends where I’m playing really. If I know I can get away with

something then I’ll play it. If its something that I know the crowd can

appreciate, perhaps doing something a bit different, then I’ll do it.

If they are not up for it, then I’ll play what they want to hear.

Ideally I like to drop a few obscure classics in, but its not always


As a person on the inside track of the Olympic stadium known as

dance music you no doubt have your finger on the pulse – so do you have

any info you can share about who and what tunes to watch out for over

the next 6 months?

BB: It's very hard to predict anything. I think Breaks are always going to

be around. Hip Hop is still going to be a big part of it too. I’d love

to see Hip-House come back in a big way. I love Hip-House!

Do you really love it?

BB: I really do!

Have you ever got in a fight with anyone famous other than the odd Rolling Stone at a major awards ceremony?

BB: Me and JK (of Jamiroquai) had a little tussle once. It didn’t come to

blows though. Back in 1989, before JK started singing, the promoter at

this Ealing club I was playing at introduced us and told me JK was

going to play keyboards that night. He played like Adamski and, to be

honest, I didn’t think he was that good. So I told him, “Oi mate,

sorry, but you have got to go!” We’re good mates now and it’s been a

long-standing joke ever since.

ASBO in ASDA OR Quickie in Kwik Save?

BB: An ASBO in ASDA, for definite.

Rollercoaster OR rollerdisco?

BB: Rollerdisco, I reckon.

What do you think of the new rollerdisco they have at Bagleys?

BB: I haven’t been yet but I’m an old roller-skater so I might nip down there one week and get my old spinning out.

And finally, cockney rhyming slang for Brandon Block?

The answer Brandon gave is, unfortunately, unprintable. Despite the fact he was sitting next to his Mum at the time.