It would appear that facially manicured musical rapist Flo Rida is all set to return with yet another one of his slickly oiled yet soulless concoctions entitled ‘Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)’. Yes once again he’s rapping about ‘ass’  and things to do with ‘ass’. He’s also learned to count backwards from five as well so lets all give him a round of applause. Once again he has strung his particular brand of no mark R’n’B together with yet another yesteryear classic. This time he’s pillaged Yello’s electro track ‘Oh Yeah’ from a zillion years ago and subjected it to his usual spate of audio abuses. The bits with Yello in it are great, the bits where he takes over..well…I’d honestly like to (metaphorically) cut his throat and stuff the gaping wound with a grenade and blow his head to pieces before he bled out. That’s how much of a blight on music I think this man is.

I’m not keen. But hey, you might like it, and if you do I’d probably make Gareth Hunt handshake signals behind your back. It’s out on November 29th.