Its a slim pickings kind of Friday on the singles front (again), one would suspect that the people who send me said items are perchance wary I might not like what they have to offer…

This week’s sole offering comes courtesy of White Lies with their new single ‘Farewell To The Fairground’ which is released through Fiction on March 23rd. Its taken from their debut album ‘To Lose My Life’ and comes in a brand new Alan Moulder single mix which takes a pretty strong track in the pop/rock vein and gives it a healthy dose of lustre and shine, chunky brazen guitar riffs mingle with stabs of bright synth and the end result is certainly rather pleasing.

Remixes come courtesy of Future Funk Squad who shore up the bottom end of the track with a staunch ‘dark yet frothy’ bassline and some heavy vocoder on the voice, as a rule they preserve the rock element of the song and while this isn’t a bad mix by any stretch of the imagination, it’s definitely one for the head rather than the feet.

Overall though pretty good.