Kicking off this weekend’s little gathering of singles with a known commodity, NERD return with their latest release ‘Sooner Or Later’ on February 23rd. There’s something about this that is downright weird and I cant quite decide whether it’s in a good or bad way. It takes a balladeering stance that almost has a McCartneyesque sweetness to it, but loitering around the back are drums so loud that they are like a punch in the throat and at first seem at odds with the rest of the song. Wander in a little further and everything gets completely epic with wailing guitars and layered choral vocals. Basically the boys are showing off their pristine production skills…and yeah it does work after all.

Just dont try writing anything while you are listening cos its impossible.

Anyone remember The Rasmus?

In truth I have to say its a name I didn’t think I would hear again either but as Smash Hits used to say they are back…Back…BACK. It would seem time has stood still for this lot as well. For those that remember them from the first time around a few years ago the single ‘Livin’ In A World Without You’ will be instantly familiar. A blend of pop rock with a dash of synth and a lyrical framework that should appeal to kids who haven’t decided if they want to be ‘real goths’ or not yet. Potential minor hit material but nothing fresh. Out on the 23rd Feb and they are playing the Islington Academy on the 24th.

Finally today we have the new single from Anthoney Wright, ‘No Me Without You’. A breezy little soul singalong that boasts some gorgeous sweet spot production and pays homage to the mid tempo soul offerings of late sixties Motown. Armed with a confident and assured vocal that reminds me somewhat of David McAlmont (in slightly restrained form I’ll grant you). Very very catchy. Out March 2nd.