In album terms I think I have just encountered my first love of the year. Fight Like Apes have been slipping the odd single on to the edge of my radar for a while now and the offerings have been impressive. One can only wonder when you get such little pop gem whether the band responsible can sustain your interest over a full album.

Well let me tell you in this instance the answer is a resounding yes. Fight Like Apes And The Mystery of The Golden Medallion (it’s been too long since we had a title so illustrious) is the equivalent of a gorgeous fluffy pet that wakes up in its basket foaming with rabies.

Everything you could wish for is here, great song titles, up to the minute lyricism, lo fi dirty synths and bear wrangling guitars all delivered in a jetstream of supersonic petulant energy. Have a listen to the likes of ‘Jake Summers’ with its butter wouldn’t melt vocal intro, you think you are being led down a path into gentle climes only for the track to turn around and give you a good kicking.

There are many moments like this throughout the album (‘Lend Me Your Face’ being a prime example). In fact as albums go this one is fuelled by a rampant youthful energy that could have so easily have gone in so many wrong directions, thankfully however they channelled it all just right and that’s what makes this album such a joy.

it’s out on the 26th

There’s also some dates for those who want to try before they buy…

19th – Moles, Bath
20th – Louisiana, Bristol
22nd – Leadmill (Steel Stage), Sheffield
23rd – Barfly, Cardiff
25th – Barfly, Camden, London (NEW DATE!)
26th – Barfly, Birmingham
27th – Adelphi, Hull
1st March – Roadhouse, Manchester
2nd – Barfly, Liverpool
3rd – King Tuts, Glasgow
5th – Cockpit, Leeds
6th – Fibbers, York
8th – Bodega, Nottingham