We’re heading towards the weekend so it’s obviously time for me to dish out the latest singles that you can expect to be hearing on the wireless in the next few weeks. Starting off with the latest from Jem. She’s been relatively quiet of late with her last big chart offering courtesy of the single ‘They’ in 2005.

Her latest single ‘It’s Amazing’ is out on the 2nd February (along with her new album ‘Down To Earth’). As singles go it’s no great departure from her previous material but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Inoffensive as it is it does have a nice well rounded production to it and as a vocalist Jem does have a certain smoky almost soulful charm. This could very well go places.

Next up is ‘Oh Atoms’ and their debut single ‘Sugar Mouse’ (which has a limited edition vinyl release on January 19th). It’s a wonderfully warm slice of folk indie pop which has led many to see them as the folk version of the Ting Tings (not sure about that myself but there you go). Expect the gentle lilt of violins, mandolins and theremin as well as sweet as sugar close harmonies. Lovely stuff.

Alesha Dixon brings us her next single ‘Breathe Slow’ on Feb 9th. It’s a mid tempo slab of balladeering with oil slick American production courtesy of Soulshock and while it doesn’t do anything in particular wrong it does lack that certain shot of pizzazz that Alesha could deliver in her Misteeq. Uninspired but then that hardly bothered the Strictly Come Dancing fans who doubtless bought the album.