Another year, another addition to the glut of singer/songwriters treading the boards in the folk genre. The latest being none other than Daniel Ward Murphy. His debut album ‘Until The Morning Light’ has quite obviously been something of a labour of love for all involved but for my ears it just doesn’t have that certain something that makes me sit up and want to take notice.

Borrowing from an existing template (whether intentional or not), Murphy has a female accompaniment which harkens back to the likes of Damien Rice’s debut (the very capable Jennifer Delaney being the vocalist in question). There is also the stripped back acoustics and deliberately lo fi production values which in fairness do have a certain charm. Sadly any effort to compare with Rice can only end in tears. Murphy has an inoffensive talent yet he lacks the sheer bloody minded emotive qualities of his forebear.

That being said there are occasional moments where the album does shine, if you listen to songs like ‘I Think I Made You Smile’ there is a distinct potential at work. However for the most part this collection of songs leaves me a tad uninspired.

I suspect the material on offer here might kick up a gear in a live environment, possibly a case of wait and see with this one.

‘Until The Morning Light’ is out next week.