If ever there was a time for wishes coming true then shouldn’t it be the festive season? Despite the proclamations of impending disaster which seem to take up the greater percentage of our headlines I actually have something of a festive feel good story for you.

Visitors to Covent Garden will have recently seen the SpinVox wishing well, a remarkable 7.2 metre high tower which allows visitors to use their mobile phones to make wishes only to have them converted into text by SpinVox’s unique system. The texts are then projected across the inner walls creating a readymade audiovisual installation. Over a period of 26 days the Wishing Well’s tiles fill with people’s wishes, but not to worry if you aren’t in the London area. There is a website which displays the wishes (and trust me there are some corkers, as well as some very poignant and personal ones).

James Scroggs, VP of Consumer Business, SpinVox says, “The Wishing Well is a magical place. Everyone is invited to step inside into an oasis of calm, relax and speak their wishes for the coming year freely”.

Amidst all the wishes placed at the Well so far there has even been a couple who have got engaged on the 18th (SpinVox are trying to find the couple in question, so if you read this then by all means contact them at the link below).

Here’s the top ten wishes so far…

1. I wish everyone would smile once a day in 2009.
2. I want more kisses than ever before in 2009.
3. I wish George Bush had been hit by that shoe.
4. I wish I can be in love forever.
5. I wish I could travel to work by jetpack.
6. I wish that mini cab drivers would not use SatNav all the time and believe it always works.
7. I wish I’d stopped on my 8th pint.
8. I wish people would stop moaning about the credit crunch.
9. We wish that the Queen would come and stay for a night.
10 I wish people would stop wishing, wishes only come to people who don’t wish.