There’s a deluge of folk knocking about at the moment. Not people you understand they’ve always been around as long as I can remember. I’m talking about a deluge from the musical genre that was once derided for its Roger Whittakerisms (noodly acoustic guitar fella with a penchant for chunky knit sweaters and whistling).

Nowadays the lines are blurring somewhat, the traditional piss take image of this field of music is being swept away with a dearth of new talent emerging and pushing the genre in a slightly more left of centre direction than it has been used to.

One of the latest talents to emerge is Alessi’s Ark an 18 year old who has been given comparitive glances to the likes of Regina Spektor and Laura Marling. I have to say my first impression was almost one of Bjork such was the hushed introductory tones to her latest release ‘The Horse’. She has a worldliness in her voice that suggests places other than her origins in London.

This track is the eponymous lead to her new EP which can be yours from December 8th on Virgin Records.

In the meantime have a look at the link below.